Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Dominican model Glenny Rosado

The Dominican Baseball Guy really has no idea who Glenny Rosado is, but every once in a while even the Dominican Baseball Guy needs a break from blogging about baseball in the Dominican Republic.

She does not even have a wikipedia page. She does have a Glenny Rosado Facebook page, but it does not have any more information, although it does have a few more photos. It appears that she is a promotional model and maybe some print.

The Facebook page says she is from El Seibo, Dominican Republic, which is just outside San Pedro de Macoris. If anyone knows anything else about this Dominican model, please leave a comment. Enjoy the pics of this Dominican model.
Dominican girls, Chicas Dominicanas, model from the Dominican Republic
Dominican model Glenny Rosada
Modelo Dominicana Glenny Rosado, photo by Luis Garcia G.
Glenny Rosado, and some other Dominican models, courtesy of

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