Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Dominican baseball legend Manny Ramirez done, say it ain't so

It appears that Dominican baseball legend Manny Ramirez is finally done with baseball. Apparently he has found peace out of the game, after appearing in 17 games in the A's minor league system this season. He left the A's affiliate in June, after not receiving a call up to the big league squad.

Ramirez is living in a gated community outside Miami, and is happy to be enjoying life with his wife and kids. And he gives much credit to his newly found faith in God. From Jorge L. Ortiz and the USA Today story, "I feel good. My family's good. Thanks to God, I have a peace I'd never had. I have an incredible peace."

Like many former athletes, he is focusing on his family and his kids.  "Sometimes I miss it, but I try to fill that void by taking my kids to their basketball games, their baseball games, taking them everywhere."

Manny continues about his evangelical faith: "If the Lord says that's it, they're not going to open the door for you, I would say, 'Thank you Lord for the opportunity you gave me,'" he said. "He controls the situation." 

Please Lord, for the sake of the Dominican Baseball Guy and fans of Dominican baseball everywhere, tell Manny to go play in the Dominican Winter Baseball League this year!

Manny Ramirez is from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.
Dominican baseball legend Manny Ramirez, photo by Keith Allison on Flickr

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