Sunday, September 9, 2012

Dominican boxer Joselito Collado loses to Jerry Belmontes

Dominican boxer Joselito Collado lost a unanimous decision to Jerry Belmontes of Corpus Christi, Texas on Saturday. Collado fell to 13-2. Like much of the Dominican diaspora in the United States, Collado is a 'Dominican Yorker' and hails from Jamaica Queens, though he is originally from the Dominican Republic.

Belmontes is from the hometown of the Dominican Baseball Guy, Corpus Christi, so the match peaked my interest. At 23 years old and undefeated, Belmontes could see a title fight in the super-feather weight division in the coming years.

Everyone knows that baseball is the most popular sport in the Dominican Republic. I have commented here previously that basketball is becoming more popular, and I would venture to say that boxing could be the third most popular sport among Dominicans. Especially among Dominican-Americans, there are lots of boxers.

Among famous Dominican boxers are Joan Guzman, Elio Rojas, and Manuel Felix Diaz. Rojas held the WBC feather weight title in 2009 and Diaz won an Olympic gold medal in 2008. Edwin Rodriguez, a Dominican boxer that lives in Massachusetts is currently ranked in the top five by several boxing sanctioning organizations. Dominican boxer Delvin Rodriguez lost a title fight earlier this year.

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